About Us

About US

Welcome To Hionesies.com. We are a large-scale e-commerce company specializing in animal pajamas production, sales, service and logistics warehousing. We have more than 200 kinds of animal pajamas, marketing products in more than 100 countries also got good responses.

If You Want To Know The Price:
We truly realized the F2C model, which could simplify the process from production to sales, save costs which attached to the good price. It is also important that we can better control the quality  and ensure that you can buy more highly value goods.

If You Want To Know The Quality:
Our animal pajamas are made for adults, children and babies. so we only choose excellent flannel and fleece to elaborate it. Using these two kinds of materials could increase more wearing comfort and keep the warmth. At the same time, it is easy to wash, no fading, and no wrinkling. Soft touched, with a lovely appearance, will make you excited.

We Want To Bring You:
A warm companion. Over 500 animal pajamas are waiting for you and who will be selected by you. The lucky one wants to stay by your side to bring you warmth and a good mood.
A great party experience. Maybe you want to wear our animal pajamas to a Halloween party, or your partner invites you to join next week's pajama party. We hope to make you more personal, more fun, and bring you a great party experience.
A satisfied online shopping. We have excellent products, safe payment methods, fast logistics distribution, and perfect after-sales service, hoping to give you a pleasant shopping experience.