"Kigu" - branching from the term "Kigurumi" - is the fusion of two Japanese words: kiru (meaning "to wear") and nuigurumi (meaning "stuffed toy"). Traditionally, it referred to stage performers wearing the costume, but the word has morphed to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigu costumes are worn as a way to break traditional dress code…or better yet, a way to slip into the coziest of pajamas!

But kigu are not just pajamas - they are also great everyday attire. Just slip them on and wear them over your mundane, normal wardrobe because in a matter of seconds, your life will go from zero to uber comfy hero!

The loose fit of kigu costumes makes them a delightful choice for relaxing around the house on a lazy Sunday, attending important meetings during a day at the office or winning first place at your next costume party.