Fall, my favorite season, is officially here. For some, that means apple cider, high school football, pumpkin spice lattes, and such; for others, it means an ever-growing array of fall music festivals. Fall festivals are amazing! But be warned – these can be very different from their summer counterparts. Fall festivals temperatures can range from cold to frigid depending on where you are at in the country, so what’s the perfect solution to stay warm and look good? A onesie! Fun and practical, a win-win.

SnowGlobe 2016 Onesie

Check out some of our favorites onesies below, including some ideas for upcoming festivals!

Harness the spirit of your inner T-Rex by dressing the part! The theme of Lost Lands is pretty obvious since it’s Excision’s festival but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun and transform yourself into a cute dinosaur that feeds on nasty wubs!

Green Dinosaur Onesie Animal Kigurumi Pajama Unisex Women & Men Halloween Party Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/green-dinosaur-onesie-animal-kigurumi-pajama-unisex-women-men-halloween-party-costumes-pskuaf0806081.html

Pink Dinosaur Onesie Animal Kigurumi Pajama for Adult Halloween Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/pink-dinosaur-onesie-animal-kigurumi-pajama-for-adult-halloween-costumes-pskuaf0806035.html

Various aviary creature onesies for my scouts trekking to Dirtybird Campout!

The scene at Dirtybird Campout is good vibes only and what better way to assimilate than to *become* a dirtybird! I’m a sucker for the yellow duck (with wings!) but I have a feeling that you’ll make Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin chuckle if you decide to dress as a cock! I mean rooster!

Yellow Duck Onesie for Adult Animal Kigurumi Pajama Party Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/yellow-duck-onesie-for-adult-animal-kigurumi-pajama-party-costumes-pskuaf0806087.html

Yellow Chicken Onesie Animal Kigurumi Pajama Women & Men Halloween Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/yellow-chicken-onesie-animal-kigurumi-pajama-women-men-halloween-costumes-pskuay0806021.html

Essential onesie selections, suitable for any festival!

These are some of the top picks of onesies that can really be worn at any festival. The flying squirrel is definitely one of my favorites since you can run around flapping your wings in the wind, while the panda and unicorn are definite go-to’s for those new to the onesie game.

Unicorn Onesie Unisex Women & Men Animal Kigurumi Pajama

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/unicorn-onesie-unisex-women-men-animal-kigurumi-pajama-pskuay0807001.html

Rainbow Unicorn Onesie Unisex Women & Men Animal Pajamas Kigurumi Halloween Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/rainbow-unicorn-onesie-unisex-women-men-animal-pajamas-kigurumi-halloween-costumes-pskuaf0806127.html

Flying Squirrel Onesie Unisex Women & Men Animal Kigurumi Pajama Halloween Party Costumes

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/flying-squirrel-onesie-unisex-women-men-animal-kigurumi-pajama-halloween-party-costumes-pskuay0806142.html

Red Panda Onesie Unisex Women &Men Animal Pajama Kigurumi Party Costume

Link: https://www.hionesies.com/red-panda-onesie-unisex-women-men-animal-pajama-kigurumi-party-costume-pskuay0806110.html

Don’t forget to share pictures with us of you and your crew rocking some epic onesies this fall!