Costumes for Texas music festivals usually include fishnet tights or high-waist shorts with a comfortable top, but Mala Luna attendees were prepared for temperatures as low as 42 degrees and the spirit of Halloween. Guests wore fuzzy animal suits that zipped up with floppy ears and some even had cow udders. Less spirited outfits were mostly sports jerseys celebrating the Astros and paying homage to popular teams across the country.

Onesies seemed to be the perfect Halloween costume to keep warm and enjoy Mala Luna.

Jenny Tieu, Melinda Tran and Angela Chow traveled together from Houston, Texas on Oct 28 to see what the Mala Luna Music Festival had to offer. The group wore their favorite onesies on Oct 29, the second ay of the fest.

Garrett Spangler, Derrick Valdez and Mitchell Setliff dressed as a park ranger, a Panda bear and Raphael the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turble on Oct 29 for the Mala Luna Music Festival.